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The Island of Elba

The Island of Elba, a green oasis within the Tuscan Archipelago, is an island of endless horizons: crystal clear water lapped by golden beaches, granite rocks standing out from the bush, stories of people blessed by the sun. Elba rewards you a variety of aspects all in one: its beaches and its cliffs, its winds, its land, its perfumes, its flavours, its hard working people, its hillside villages, and its terraces facing the sea are all but the start of a journey where you discover an island that will never disappoint you.

A trip to the Island of Elba is undoubtedly a unique experience in life, and thanks to Infoelba you can be sure of a holiday that’s made to measure: be it the most suitable accommodation facilities according to your needs, suggestions on where to eat out certain of no unpleasant “surprises”, how to make the most of your holiday or where to find the most unique places to enjoy yourself.

On our website you can find hotels, campsites, holiday resorts, apartments and holiday homes, holiday farm centres, and many types of itineraries: historical and cultural, food&wine, naturistic and sports, all of which have been chosen to meet your needs, whether you are parents with children, a group of friends or simply youngsters in search of fun and, why not, maybe your twin spirit too. Invaluable information will help you discover the most hidden and suggestive places, and the colours and flavours of the largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park will but delight and elate you.

History, sports, nature, fun, relaxation: they all await you and guarantee an unforgettable holiday on the Island of Elba.

The Island of Elba, where nature and holidays go hand in hand.

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Discovering Elba

Where to sleep

Finding beach accommodation for your holidays in Elba: hotels, residences, flats, campsites, holiday farm centres, villas, holiday homes

Arriving and getting about

Information on how to get to the Island of Elba by ferry, by plane, and how to get about by public transport or hiring a car.

Useful information

All sorts of information to help you get to know the Island of Elba better: phone numbers, local products and typical cuisine, climate, webcam.

The Island of Elba

Getting to know all the aspects of Elba: traditions, geography, beaches, historical and cultural documents. The territory of Elba.

Accommodation availability

Our system of direct availability request for your summer holidays on the Island of Elba means you yourself can contact the establishments

Sports and free time

The Island of Elba is perfect for outdoor sports lovers who wish to spend their time on the island in an active way.

Discovering Elba

Any type of advice for your every need (families, teenagers, singles): what you like and how long you intend staying.

Special offers

Island of Elba special offers and last minute booking for hotels, campsites, residences, apartments, villas. Special offers for the Elba 2016 season

Last minute booking

Last minute booking for hotels, residences, campsites in Elba. Last minute special offers for your holidays in Elba 2016.

Elba cuisine

Delicious recipes and typical products of the Elba cuisine: simple dishes made from fish from the sea round Elba
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Appartamenti Oasi Fiorita

Capoliveri, Loc. Pareti n.39



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Appartamenti il Micio 2 ears

Marciana, Via delle Solane n. 31

it is a proposal of Agenzia Elba-vacanze.net


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Appartamenti Villa Le Coste

Capoliveri, loc. Fonte alle Rose, 18



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Casa Bellavista




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