Marciana beaches Shuttle bus service

The Marciana beach bus service connects the towns and villages on the along the western ring road: Colle d'Orano, Patresi, La Zanca, Sant'Andrea and the various hamlets  of ProcchioFontalleccio, Literno, Marmi, Campo all'Aia as far as Spartaia and La Paolina.

This service is carried out on the Marciana blue minibuses that are perfect for the narrow and winding roads on Elba.

The 2016 Marebus service that goes from Sant'Andrea to Colle D'Orano is in force from 11st July to 10th September, while in Procchio it is in force from 12nd July to 31st August.

You can buy a daily, weekly or monthly ticket for the Marebus  directly on board the bus, or in some Hotels  in the towns of Colle D'Orano, Patresi, Sant'Andrea, Zanca and Cotoncello, because they have the Cards  available for their guests.

For information
please phone Marciana at 0565 901215

Page updated 07/07/2016

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