Beaches with facilities for dogs and their owners

Dogs are allowed on the beaches on the Island of Elba. The [page id="551]Region of Tuscany law num. 59 of 20/10/2009[/page], at comma 19, states that you are allowed to take your dog "to any public area, including gardens, parks and beaches."

Elba, therefore, is ahead of its time as regards animal rights.

It goes without saying that other people on the beach must be respected at all times, so keep your dog on a leash and (when necessary) put his muzzle on as stated by the Ministry of Health law of 6th August 2013.

The only exception is on the beaches in the Commune of Porto Azzurro where there are special rules and regulations concerning having your dog with you on the beach.

In the Commune of Porto Azzurro in actual fact the law num. 44 of 01/06/2015 states that dogs are allowed only on the specially equipped part of the beach in Mola and on the beach opposite the Terranera lake. On all the other free beaches dogs are not allowed, but the owners of some bathing establishments may grant permission on request.

With the law num. 153 of 2016 the Capoliveri Town Council has confirmed and clarified in full detail in which parts of the sea you are allowed to take your dog and at what times, that is before 9 a.m. and after 7 p.m.

With the law num. 22 of the 19/06/2014 the Rio nell'Elba Town Council too has decided to allow dogs on a specific part of Nisporto beach that is about 50 metres long.

Mola beach

Beach where dogs are allowed on the eastern side of Elba: beach equipped for dogs on the island of Elba

59-2009 regional law

Region of Tuscany Law for the protection of animals

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