White pebble beach with crystal clear water, not far from the centre of Portoferraio

Leave the historical part of Portoferraio, turn right at the road that leads to Le Ghiaie beach and keep going for about one kilometre, until you start seeing the signs for Capo Bianco beach. The road comes to a stop in a spacious open area above the beach. Although the car park is quite big, you have to pay, and it won't be easy to find room in August. Some steps take you down to the beach.

The sea bed is made up of candid white pebbles, and the reflection in the crystal clear sea takes your breath away. Sheltered by high cliffs behind, Capo Bianco is the perfect beach when the Scirocco wind is blowing, because the sea is still calm, and even clearer.

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Information and facilities

Recommended with the following winds Sirocco, South Wind
CompositionSand and shingles
Length370 m
FacilitiesMinibus, Car park
Nearby beaches Padulella (0,12 km), Cala dei Frati (0,47 km), Sottobomba (0,62 km), Le Ghiaie (0,82 km), Le Viste (1,35 km), Prunini (1,48 km), Acquaviva (2,34 km), Sorgente (2,65 km), Sansone (2,8 km), Viticcio (3,21 km), Schiopparello (3,66 km), Enfola (3,72 km), Forno (4,08 km), Bagnaia (4,1 km), Scaglieri (4,1 km), Biodola (4,37 km)

Capo Bianco

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Farm holiday campsites
Beach of Capo Bianco

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Farm holiday campsites near the beach of Capo Bianco

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Agricampeggio Lambardi 2 stars




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Appartamenti Padulella - Le Cycas

Capo Bianco, Portoferraio



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Appartamenti Le Ghiaie Relax

Capo Bianco, Portoferraio

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Bilocale panoramico




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Hotel Acquamarina 3 stars

Padulella, Portoferraio


Residences near the beach of Capo Bianco

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Residence Capo Bianco 2 keys

Capo Bianco, Portoferraio

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