Nudist coves and inlets on the Island of Elba

Apart from some semi deserted coves that you can only get to by sea, there are also some places you can reach on foot that have always been for nudists. Here is a list of six of these, both nudist beaches and rocks, that have been so for decades.

It goes without saying that in all of these areas you must use some common sense and behave accordingly. If everybody is wearing a swimming costume, especially if there are also children around, wear yours too! Here are the beaches and rocks:

Acquarilli Beach

In the second beach, the one on your right facing the sea. Some rocks from the cliffs behind separate it from the first beach. Since the beach is made up mostly of small black stones it is very hot during the summer so take your sun umbrella with you. There are no bars on the beach.

Since the cliffs on the right hand side of the beach are very high, the sun goes down rather early. getting down to the beach isn't very easy because the road is very steep with a drop of about 100 metres, but the view of the sea bed from the top is more than worth it.

Capo Canata

A tiny beach about 80 metres from Lacona, whose access, really, is from the Stella Mare Campsite. You can get to it from the rocks on the left of the beach of Lacona, just walk along them until you get to some steps that lead to the campsite, then go through the campsite until you get to a white house: the path that leads to the nudist beach starts there.

Scogliera de Le Piscine

These are beautiful granite rocks, very hot in the summer, between Fetovaia and Seccheto. There are two parking areas with a wooden fence at the top of the road, from where a short path down takes you to the rocks. The beautiful granite formations go right down to the sea and create natural small pools of sea water.

Le Tombe Beach

Where it is: coming from Marina di Campo, go past Cavoli, Seccheto, Fetovaia and watch out for a sign saying "via Panoramica" on your right, go round the bend and you'll come to an open space at the side of the road with a small childrens' play area; you can park here.

It takes about 10 minutes to go down, and about 15 to get back up, and even though there is no shade, the typical Mediterranean scrub perfumes of lavender, rosemary,and pink and white cistus are in the air right down to the beach. The beaches consist mainly of black/grey pebbles of different sizes. There are no facilities either on the beaches or nearby. The actual nudist beaches are on the right of the main beach, past the rocks.

Rocks between the beaches of Barabarca and Zuccale

Small, rock area about 80/90 metres long between the two beaches, plus a small, sheltered cove on the right. The rocks are easy to get to and the sea here is beautiful.

Shortly after the traffic lights at the junction for Capoliveri and Porto Azzurro, there is another junction on the right that leads to the beaches next to Zuccale and Barabarca (there's a small chapel on the right immediately after the junction, first left at the next junction). There are two spacious car parks, the smaller one on the left is free, in the direction of Barabarca, the larger one on the right above the Zuccale beach costs 0.75 euros an hour. To get to the rocks go left in the direction of Barabarca, then follow the path for the beach, and shortly before it there's a broken wooden fence; go right and you'll get to the nudist beach.

Rocks between Lido di Capoliveri and Felciaio

It isn't very easy to find the path on the right of the car park that takes you to Felciaio beach. At about 10 metres from the right hand corner of the car park (where the path for Felciaio more or less starts), facing the sea, you'll find a path in the middle of the bushes that goes down amongst Mediterranea scrub. Two minutes later you're at the rocks. On the other hand, if you follow an old underground path used during the war you can get there quite easily also from Lido di Capoliveri. Be prepared, however, to see bathers in their swimming costume.

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