On four different levels, they were a strong defence against attacks

Where they arePortoferraio - Old Part
How to get thereGo into Piazza Cavour via the Porta a Mare, then go along Via Guerrazzi (the uphill road on your left). On your left, before the tunnel going downhill, you will see the entrance to the Medicean ramparts.
Contact numberstel. 0565 944024 (Cosimo de' Medici)
Ticket prices5 euros / 3 euros reduced / 7 euros all inclusive

Portoferraio Card An all inclusive ticket of 10,00 euros allows you into the following places of culture in Portoferraio: Linguella Museum, Fortress and Forte Falcone, Vigilanti Theatre and [page id="249"]Roman Villa in Le Grotte[/page

Opening times 2017From June 13th to September 13th
10.00am - 08.00pm
From April 2nd to June 12th and from September 14th to November 2nd
10.00am - 04.40pm

As you sail into Portoferraio, you can't help noticing the magnificent city walls that rise up from the sea. They are the Medicean ramparts, that the Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo l had built as a defence against the Turkish attacks.

Once the construction work on the war defences of Fort Falcone, Fort Stella and the Linguella Tower was complete, Giovanni Camerini started building the ramparts of Fronte di Terra in 1555, going westwards for about 500 metres below Forte Falcone. On his death, Bernardo Buontalenti took over.

They are on four different levels (the "Veneziano", the "Casino di Mezzo", the "Palle" and the "Cornacchia"), and were a powerful defence against any attacks that may have come from the "Porta a Terra", separated from the rest of the island by a moat that went from today's Banchina dell'Alto Fondale to the Ghiaie Beach, thus making Portoferraio an island in an island.

The Mulini rampart, so called after the two windmills there, between Forte Falcone and Forte Stella, was built to make the defence from the steep cliffs even better. After Forte Stella, in the direction of the Linguella Tower, another three ramparts were built: the "Pagliai, the "Maggiore" and the San Cosimo.

The whole town was closed off by an enormous wall on the same side as the wet dock where the only way to enter the town was via Porta a Mare.

As time passed, due to wars and the addition of new buildings, just what the magnificent Medicean Fortresses represented in the past has now slipped into second place.

Despite this, however, once you are in Portoferraio , if you walk along the streets in the old part where there are less tourists, it will be easy for you to understand the importance of this town built in the XVl century with the aim of defending the Mediterranean.

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