Museums, archeological sites, travelling exhibitions tell us of the Island of Elba's complex history

The best known museums on the island of Elba are those relating to Napoleon Bonaparte's exile: both Napoleonic residences are in Portoferraio, where you can also visit the small but very important Napoleonic Antiques Museum, as well as the small Vigilanti theatre house, that Napoleon wanted built from a deconsacrated church and changed into a place of entertainment.

However, in the book of the history of Elba, there is only a small paragraph about Napoleon: the most important civilizations of the Mediterranean lived on this territory for thousands of years, and proof of their presence is clearly seen in the museums and archeological sites.All the travelling and artistic exhibitions mostly during the summer months tell of the complex history of the Island of Elba, enrichening what is on show in the museums, libraries and picture galleries all over the island.

Foresiana Library

Second only to the Labronica Library, the Foresiana in Portoferraio has a vast number of books of historical and cultural importance.

Dei Semplici Garden

Live plants museum at the Santa Caterina Hermitage

Rio Elba Civic Archaeology Museum

The history of the eastern side of the Island of Elba is closely connected to the mineral ores

Villa dei Mulini

Built in 1724 by the Grand Duke gastone de' Medici napoleon had isome alterations done to suit his own needs during his exile in Elba

San Martino Villa

It was Napoleon's summer residence, and has antiques and works of art that date back to his exile in Elba.

Linguella Museum of Archeology

There are Etruscan and Roman remains from the VIII cent. BC to the V cent. AD, proof of the importance of Elba in Mediterranean sea commerce.

Archaeology Museum in Marciana

It was opened in 1968 to give a home to the remains brought to light by the excavation campaigns of that period in all of the Island of Elba.

Italo Bolano International Open Air

A combination of art and culture, the Italo Bolano Open Air is the perfect meeting place for srtists, art and the public.

Foresiana Picture Gallery

The Foresiana Picture Gallery contains a vast collection of pieces of art, pictures and paintings, divided into twelve groups.

San Piero Museum

The Museum in San Piero is dedicated to Luigi Celleri (1828-1900), inhabitant of San Piero in Campo, who was a lover of the minerals on the western side of Elba
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