Trekking paths in Elba and useful suggestions on how to follow them

Paths and trails for beginners and experts

The paths and trailswe suggest are easy to follow even by beginners. However, due to the type of paths and where they are, the careful excursionist might have some questions, so we suggest you go in the spring-summer months, with the necessary equipment and adequate clothing.

Whoever chooses to go for a walk along the paths and trails in Elba has also chosen to be surrounded by nature, so what better a way to improve your health, especially if you live in a big city, than an excursion. Never forget, however, that Mother Nature also belongs to our children, and our children's children; sad to say, some people's behaviour is slowly destroying our natural environment.

Some useful suggestions

  • admire and smell the flowers and wild plants, but do not pick them;
  • never light a fire for any reason at all;
  • never leave any rubbish, if there are no waste bins around, carry it with you;
  • follow only the signposted paths;
  • do not damage the trees or bushes;
  • do not disturb the animals, and do got go near their young;
  • do not shout or make any loud noises. The peace and quiet of nature belongs to everybody;
  • follow the local instructions, rules and decrees;
  • park your car or motor bike only where you are meant to, and always remember that it is strictly forbidden to go on a country path or trail by any motor vehicle;

In order to fully appreciate the immense beauty of Elba, its environmental and archeological richness of Elba, and the many variations in nature, there are many accommodation possibilities, combined with naturalistic, archeological and educational excursions available all year round:

Useful information

When to go

Any time of the year is suitable, but mid season is better if you want to avoid the crowds.

Equipment and clothing

Hiking boots are a must, as well as an anorak (a K-Way is perfect because it is very light) and a back pack. Not absolutely necessary but certainly very useful: binoculars for observing animals and admiring the Mediterranean scrub, and your camera for photographing flowers and scenery.

Information from the Tuscan Archipelago Tourism Promotion Agency

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