Spring excursions from April 2nd to May 1st

The full programme of this year's edition of the Tuscan Islands Walking Festival is about to come back with numerous events to help you get to know the Tuscan islands better, but this year it has two new important ones.

For the very first time, despite it still being home to a penal settlement, the Island of Gorgona will be open to visitors, thanks to an agreement between the Commune of Livorno, the Tuscan Archipelago National Park and the Livorno Prison Authorities.

There will be excursions starting off from the Island of Elba (on Saturday 9th and Sunday 17th April) where all those who have enrolled will get the chance to take part in a naturalistic trekking excursion along with the Park environmental guides.

Not only that, the fact that the Volterraio Castle has recently been re-opened to the public means you will also be able to visit the renovated fortress and admire the unique, breathtaking view across the Gulf of Portoferraio. The appointments are on April 9th, 13th and 30th.

As well as trekking excursions that take several hours, there are also special events over several days. From 15th to 17th April and from April 29th to May 1st theElba Gourmet Grande Traversata will be held, and this is the ideal opportunity if you want to combine walking with Elba wine tasting. A weekend in Capraia has been organised for the same dates, and the time there is dedicated to the discovery of the historical and cooking traditions as well as all the natural beauty of the entire island.

The Tuscan Islands Walking Festival starts Saturday April 2nd with a trekking excursion with the economist Franco Becchis in the small, mineral town of Rio nell'Elba; getting ideas from the actual paths, lanes and tiny roads he will explain and help reflect on how economy, environment and eveyday life are closely linked.

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