General information concerning a holiday in Elba

In this part you will find step by step information to organise your holiday on the Island of Elba right from the very beginning: from the weather forecast to the latest happenings on the Island of Elba, from useful phone numbers to a list of the best restaurants.

Please follow our instructions if you want to optimize the organization of your holiday on the Island of Elba:

  1. Look at the weather forecast and the average temperature during the season you intend going on holiday in: that way you won't fill your case with unnecessary clothing;
  2. Look at the webcams situated all over Elba so you have a rough idea beforehand of what the island's like;
  3. Look at the latest news so you can be up to date with what's going on on the Island of Elba;
  4. Print off and put in your case the page with the phone numbers so that you are prepared for anything;
  5. Start taking a look at the restaurants and the typical Elba cuisine and make sure you go.

Now all you have to do is choose your accommodation, get to know the history of Elba and find the places and the beaches you want to go to... Infoelba will be your "copilot" as you discover the largest island in the Tuscan Archipelago.


Weather conditions and forecast on the Island of Elba. The sea climate in Elba gurantees a mild climate all year round.

Island of Elba webcams

Our webcams, windows of the Island of Elba, are in different parts of the island, beaches and panoramas of Elba.

Latest news

Latest news from the Island of Elba, like the return of the monk seal, or when Paul the Octopus was caught, or the TV serial Gente di Mare.

Useful phone numbers and addresses

Phone numbers of the chemists, hospital, first aid stations, police and emergency service on the Island of Elba.

The Island of Elba on your smartphone

Infoelba's app for Apple iPhones, a free guide of the Island of Elba for your smartphone.
Looking for a structure in Elba? We have 378!
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