An interactive guide of the special events on the Island of Elba

Since the ever increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets today is drastically changing the lives of more and more people, we have decided to make up two, completely free Apps for your holidays on the Island of Elba!

Special Events in Elba

App Elba EventiA guide to all thespecial events on the Island of Elba.

What shall we do tonight?

In the guide you will find all the special events, cinemas, theatres, food and wine festivals, art exhibitions and sports events to choose from!

Can't decide how to pass the evening? In the App you will find all the special events divided into categories and where they areto help you organise your time as best as possible.

You can choose, for example, children's events only, or music, or what is on in Portoferraio or anywhere else in Elba. Not only that, the clear and simple functions of geolocation means you will have no problems in getting to the place where the event that interests you is!

Share the events with your friends

Found a concert you want to go to? Why not tell your friends about it or suggest something you think they shouldn't miss.

And don't forget it's FREE!! Download it now!

Download the "Elba Special Events" App from iTunes App Store or on Google Play

App Elbaeventi Google Play App Elbaeventi

You can also find all the special events on the Island of Elba on our web site!

If you organise a special event on the Island of Elba, or want to have it included in our web site, just email or phone us here:

Franco - 0565.918864 -

If the event is only held from time to time, let us know on the special page.

App IphoneThe portal is a responsive website, which means it automatically adapts to all the devices but still remains easy and clear if you want to surf it so that you will always have a guide at hand!

You will also find a guide of the island of Elba with descriptions and photos of all the Island of Elba and its beaches, as well as all the choices and types of accommodation, and you can find all this - and much more - very quickly by simply clicking the name, the type, and where it is!

You will also find information concerning ferry times and connections to and from the island of Elba, weather forecast links, or whatever might interest you as regards what to do or see. 

In short...a useful, complete guide for when you come to this enchanting island on holiday!

We also have an APP for Apple Devices called "Island of Elba App" and although it isn't as complete as our portal, we are working on it to make it more up-to-date.

Download "Island of Elba App" from iTunes App Store or from your iPhone

App Iphone

If you have a business or any type of accommodation for tourists that you wish to be included in the guide just email or phone us:>br />Telephone: 0565.918864

Augmented reality

Infoelba has created six augmented reality worlds for the Island of Elba on Wikitude World Browser, on iOS, Android and all mobile systems.
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