Our webcams overlooking beaches and panoramas in Elba

Opening your windows and seeing
the surface of the water shining in the rays of the sun,
the youngsters walking along the sand warming their feet and their soul,
the waves breaking on the shore,
the light haze giving you the impression the distant islands are dancing...
we well know you will miss all this.

If you look at Elba through our open windows you will be able to reminisce about your holiday and the wonderful experience you had. If, on the other hand, you have never been to Elba, you will be able to see for yourself how this welcoming island and its beautiful sea await you.

The webcams are in four different parts of the Island of Elba: on the Northern side, with the Le Ghiaie beach and Lo Scoglietto, on the north western side where you can watch the sun go down between Capraia and Corsica and on the Sant'Andrea beach, and on the southern side, with the Lido di Capoliveri beach that greets the early morning sun, and the long sandy Lacona beach, with its enchanting Gulf.

Look out at Elba from our windows

Webcam on the Le Ghiaie beach

One of the webcams in Elba is in the 3 star Villa Ombrosa Hotel in Portoferraio, overlooking the white pebbled beach of Le Ghiaie.

Webcam in Patresi

The webcam in Patresi, Island of Elba, set up in the Belmare Hotel, has two lenses through which you have a great view of Corsica and Capraia.

Webcam on the Lacona beach

The webcam overlooking the Lacona beach is inside the Laconella Campsite in Capoliveri, Island of Elba.

Webcam in Sant'Andrea

Island of Elba webcam installed at the Boutique Hotel Ilio in Sant'Andrea, with a view of the beach in Sant'Andrea

Webcam in Lido di Capoliveri

Webcam on the Island of Elba on the Lido di Capoliveri beach, opposite the Europa Camping Village.

Map of the webcams on the Island of Elba

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