Advice and information on how to get to Elba and how to get about

The Island of Elba, 10 km from the Tuscan coast, can easily be reached by any means of transport . by car, by train, by bus or by plane

Depending on what suits you best you can choose from putting your car on the ferry, hiring a car on the island or getting about by public transport that connect the towns and villages with most of the splendid beaches... all you have to do is decide!

For those who come to Elba on their own boat, mooring is completely carefree because there is a wide choice of ports and berthing places

The main thing is GETTING ABOUT, it doesn't matter how, because Elba is only waiting for you to discover it!

How to get there

Useful information on how to get to the Island of Elba by car or any other way, crossing over from the port of Piombino by ferry.
Connections to and from Piombino and the Island of Elba with the Toremar, Moby Lines, Blu Navy and Corsica Sardinia shipping companies. Car parks in Piombino.

How to get to the Island of Elba by plane, to Marina di Campo airport. Connecting flights with Europe with Silver Air, Skywork and Air-Glaciers.

You can get to the Island of Elba by train, the station is in Piombino Marittima right where the port of Piombino is.

How to get to Elba by bus from Milan and Florence with daily connections to the port of Piombino: bus timetables and useful numbers.

By boat
Tips and useful information to reach the Island of Elba by boat and moor in safety.

By car, motorbike, camper
Going to the Island of Elba by car, motorbike or camper, from the north and from the south, and catching the ferry at Piombino.

Getting about on the island

Bus timetables, public transport prices, taxi timetables and phone numbers, petrol stations, road network on Elba.
Car, motorbike, camper
Advice for those who wish to get about using their own means of transport, by car, scooter, camper, caravan.

Bus service on the Island of Elba
Information and timetables of the bus service in Elba that covers the entire island. Marebus service to the beaches. Elbacard season ticket.

Taxis and car hire with driver
Phone numbers and addresses of the taxi and car hire with driver services in the major towns on the Island of Elba.

Hiring a vehicle so you can get about Elba in complete freedom. Car, motorbike, scooter and boat rental.

Portoferraio Taxi Boat
There is a new, passenger-only boat service for the summer of 2018 in the gulf of Portoferraio.

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