Getting about Elba using public transport

There is a public bus service on the Island of Elba that covers the entire island.

The buses provide all year round connections with all the major towns on the island, and from June to September the Marebus beach service is also brought on and provides connections with the beaches in Portoferraio, Marciana, Rio nell'Elba, Rio Marina, Porto Azzurro and Capoliveri.

You can also purchase a BUS ELBACARD with which you can travel anywhere on all the CTT urban and suburban lines on the Island of Elba, valid either for 1 day or for 6 days. The one-day ticket costs 10 euros and the 6 day one costs 25 euros. This season ticket can be purchased in the offices of the CTT, Compagnia Toscana Trasporti - the public bus company on the Island of Elba.

Besides this, those who have a monthly, yearly, urban or extraurban season ticket or a CTT North bus ticket that has been punched no ealier than three days beforehand or a BUS ELBACARD are entitled to discounts and special offers if they go into one of the many shops or exhibitions on the Island of Elba.

Departure (and arrival) is in the bus station in the port in Portoferraio, right next to where the ferries from Piombino come in.

Three extra-urban lines connect the towns on the Island of Elba; in Portoferraio there is both an urban service and also, during the summer, a beach connection run by the Town Council.

Island of Elba extra-urban lines

Line 116:Portoferraio - Procchio - Marciana - Marciana - Pomonte - Marina di Campo - La Pila
Line 117: Portoferraio - Capoliveri - Portoazzurro - Rio Elba - Rio Marina - Cavo
Line 118: Portoferraio - Bagnaia - Lacona

Portoferraio urban lines

Line 1: Portoferraio - San Martino
Line 2: Portoferraio - San Giovanni
Line 3: Portoferraio - Albereto
Line 4: Portoferraio - Albereto - Antiche Saline
Line 5 blue: Calata Matteotti - Calata Mazzini - Calata Italia - Zambelli - Carducci - Palazzina dei Mulini - Cimiteri - San Rocco - Hospital
Line 2 blue: From Calata Matteotti in the direction of Biodola or Viticcio

Suggestion from Infoelba: Click here if you wish to know the bus timetable on the Island of Elba >

Summer Timetable from Monday 11 June 2018

Island of Elba extra-urban lines

Timetable of the extra-urban line 116 >
Timetable of the extra-urban line 117-118 >

Portoferraio urban lines

Tietable of the urban lines>
Blue line 5 >
From Calata Matteotti in the direction of Biodola or Viticcio - Blue line 2 >

Winter Timetable from 17th September 2018 (schools open)

Island of Elba extra-urban lines

Timetable of the extra-urban line 116 >
Timetable of the extra-urban line 117 >
Timetable of the extra-urban line 118 >

Portoferraio urban lines

Timetable of the urban line

info & ticket prices

Prices of tickets for suburban lines
Prices of tickets for urban lines

Mobile Ticketing - Your bus ticket just by sending a TEXT

You can purchase your bus ticket by sending a TEXT to the number 4850306. For the urban line in Portoferraio you must specify Portoferraio, in your text, the ticket is valid for 1 hour and costs € 1,40. For the extra urban line up to 10 kilometres you must specify Elba 10 in your text, the ticket costs € 1,80, while for journeys up to 20 kilometres you must specify Elba 20 in your text, and this ticket costs € 2,90. Needles to say any extra costs for the text depends on what your phone company charges.

Suggestion from Infoelba: Download the Teseo app on your smartphone to make travelling by bus as easy as possible!

Information and Ticket office
Viale Elba, 57037 Portoferraio
tel. 0565.882602


A complete guide to public transport on the Island of Elba just by clicking on your smartphone.

Tourist bus in Portoferraio

Open-top bus for those who want to see the natural, historical and artistic beauty of Portoferraio.

Marciana beach bus service

Bus connections with all the areas along the west coast in Marciana: from Pomonte to Sant'Andrea and Procchio.

Rio Marebus

Free shuttle beach bus service that connects towns, areas and beaches on the eastern side of the island - Commune of Rio

Shuttle-bus in Portoferraio

Old town centre of Portoferraio and the port connections

Shuttle bus in Porto Azzurro

Connections between the area around the town and the old part of the town

Shuttle bus Campo-Lacona

Summer connections by public transport to and from Marina di Campo and Lacona

Capoliveri beach bus

Bus connections both with the town of Capoliveri as well as the suburbs.
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