Tour for tourists in and around Portoferraio

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For the summer of 2016, a new, open-top bus service has been started for those who want to discover the natural beauty of Elba like the beaches in Portoferraio,or the historical and archaelogical heritage of Elba like the Villa in Le Grotte or the archaeology area of Linguella.

The bus makes nine stops at some of the most suggestive parts of the island: Capo Bianco, Sansone, Bivio Enfola, Viticcio, San Martino, Villa in Le Grotte, Parco of San Giovanni, Linguella. as far as the building known as "La Gattaia".

A hostess on the bus will give you detailed informatiom and interesting facts concerning the places where you stop.

If you wish to see the beauty of any one of the stops in more detail, you may get off and back on at any of the stops along the tour.

You may book the bus tour in any part of the island even in the evenings if you want to go to some special event, or if you're going to a wedding, a stag night, a birthday party, a group excursion, a patron saint's celebration.

For further information concerning tickets, prices and the route taken please visit the page servizio City Sightseeing.