Advice for those who wish to get about using their own means of transport

For those who choose to go to Elba by car, motorbike, or scooter, our advice is to drive carefully especially if you go to the Marciana Marina - Marina di Campo area on the western side, or to the Porto Azzurro - Cavo area on the eastern side, because the roads there are often narrow and winding.

There are 19 petrol stations (unleaded petrol, diesel) on Elba, belonging to various oil companies. Unfortunately there are no petrol stations for cars that run on LPG gas. Should you find yourself in difficulty there are many mechanics you can phone who will be more than willing to help you.

Parking your camper or caravan is allowed only within campsite areas. Any type of free camping, (even simply setting a picnic table or sitting your camper on its supports) is strictly forbidden both by the local councils and the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, and you will be fined.

The only areas where you are allowed to park, or empty and fill your water tank (apart from the campsites obviously) are in Porto Azzurro (in Bocchetto, near the cemetery) and in Rio Marina (in Cavo).

Warning for off-road vehicle lovers: it is absolutely forbiddenby the 48/94 L.R.T. law to drive on any path, firebreak or forest track. For further information please contact the Tuscan Archipelago Park management.

Infoelba advice: read the signs carefully before entering the old town centres: during the summer months some local Councils close roads off to traffic from six o'clock in the evening to midnight; if you wish to go to the western side of the island, don't forget to check your petrol gauge before setting off from Marciana Marina: the nearest petrol station is in Marina di Campo!

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