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Our names are Debora and Nicola, we are two teenagers from Rio Marina, and we came up with the idea of promoting and encouraging the use of e-bikes in Elba so that it can become a bone edge service on the Island of Elba just as it is in the rest of Europe.

Our small MINeBIKE company came to be with the aim of giving as many people as possible the chance to discover the endless beauty of the Island of Elba by bike, and since these bikes are pedal assisted you will have no effort in cycling. We decided to team up with a company that deals in e-bikes and is now considered a European leader in this field.

Our e-bikes can cover up to 50 kilometres before the battery needs re-charging and pedaling is practically effort free; when pedal assisted they can reach a maximum speed of 100/120 k.p.h. If necessary, you can recharge the battery at any of the charging points that can be found all over the island.

There is a mini computer on all of the e-bikes that gives you all the necessary information as regards their correct use and how many kilometres you have left if you have cycled using the pedal assistance. That way you will always know how many kilometers you have done and how many you have yet to go; not only that, we give all our clients a mini map that shows all the cycling routes to be found on the island as well as where all the re-charging points are.

All our e-bikes are fully covered by third party insurance, and we ourselves offer our assistance 24 hours a day.

If you are looking for a holiday in the heart of nature you may wish to book your e-bike for a weekend or even on a weekly basis.

If you want to avoid the expence of taking your car on the ferry, you can leave it in Piombino and pick up your bike directly either in Portoferraio or in Rio Marina or in Cavo.

2019 Price list

Full day €35,00
½ day €20,00
Weekend package €80,00
Weekly package €160,00
Family package (min 3 people) -15%
Transfer service €30,00

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