Getting to the Island of Elba by car, by train, by plane or by bus

If you want to get to the Island of Elba you have to catch the ferry from Piombino Marittima, which you can easily reach by car, by train, or by bus. From here four sailing companies(Toremar, Moby Lines, Blu Navy and Corsica-Sardinia Ferries provide comfortable ferries that during the summer months cross over to and from Portoferraio, Rio Marina and Cavo every day practically al day.

In summer the Cosica-Sardinia Ferries Shipping Company also crosses from Portoferraio to Bastia, which takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

On the other hand, if you fly from most major European cities, you can enjoy the comfort of landing right at the Elba Airport in Marina di Campo.

On the Island of Elba there are no GPL gas stations for cars don't forget that when you cross over you must switch off your gas connection as soon as you board the ferry!

Suggestion from Infoelba: Coming to Elba without your car? No problem!
Thanks to the booking system you can hire any means of transport so you can get about in absolute freedom: a car, a motorbike, a scooter, or even a bicycle....whatever you prefer and whatever best suits your finances!


Connections to and from Piombino and the Island of Elba with the Toremar, Moby Lines, Blu Navy and Corsica Sardinia shipping companies. Car parks in Piombino.
Moby Lines shipping company
The Moby Lines company is one of the Mediterranean's biggest shipping companies It connects Sardinia, Corsica and the Island of Elba.

Timetables and ticket booking
Look up the ferry times, compare the prices and book your ferry crossing to the Island of Elba on line, no added cost, with all the shipping companies.

From Piombino to Portoferraio
During the crossing from Piombino heading for the Gulf of Portoferraio you often see the Royal Seagull.

Getting to Elba without spending too much money
Reaching Elba by ferry and spending little either by booking the crossing on a week day or by taking advantage of the low cost special offers.

Embarkation and disembarkation
Embarkation guide in Piombino to cross to the Island of Elba. Disembarkation by car and ferry suggestions to Portoferraio

Blu Navy shipping company
Blu Navy, along with the other two shipping companies Moby and Toremar, does the Piombino - Island of Elba crossing from Piombino to Portoferraio.

Corsica Sardinia Ferries
Corsica Sardinia ferries is the new shipping company to Elba

Toremar shipping company
For over thirty years Toremar has connected almost all the Tuscan Archipelago islands. The Toremar fleet has ferries and hydrofoils.

Landing fee
Information, cost and exemptions concerning the landing fee for the Island of Elba


How to get to the Island of Elba by plane, to Marina di Campo airport. Connecting flights with Europe with Silver Air, Skywork and Air-Glaciers.
Pisa-Elba minibus timetables
Shuttle minibus service to and from Pisa Airport and the Island of Elba: dates and times for the season 2018.

Times and ticket booking
Daily flights from Pisa, Firenze and Milano Linate.

The Island of Elba Airport
The Island of Elba airport is in La Pila, about 2 km from Marina di Campo, on the southern side of the island, and is easy to get to.


You can get to the Island of Elba by train, the station is in Piombino Marittima right where the port of Piombino is.


How to get to Elba by bus from Milan and Florence with daily connections to the port of Piombino: bus timetables and useful numbers.
Florence - Piombino
Arriving in Elba on a bus from Florence to the port of Piombino Marittima.

Milan - Piombino
Two bus companies connect Milan with the port of Piombino: Autostradale and Maremmatour.

Poggibonsi - Siena - Piombino
Bus service during the summer months from Poggibonsi and Siena to Piombino Marittima.

By boat

Tips and useful information to reach the Island of Elba by boat and moor in safety.
Mooring buoys
Mooring buoys and beacons for your boat on the Island of Elba.

Ports and jetties
All the jetties and ports for docking safely in Elba.

By car, motorbike, camper

Going to the Island of Elba by car, motorbike or camper, from the north and from the south, and catching the ferry at Piombino.
Garages and car parks in Piombino
Useful information about where to leave your car, motorbike or camper in the Port of Piombino Marittima before getting on the ferry for the Island of Elba.

Hotel Piombino
The best hotel to give your holiday a perfect start or to complete your stay. Right on the beach at only 200 metres from where you catch the ferry to Elba.

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