Sailing to Elba

Sailing your own boat to the Island of Elba is without a doubt the most suggestive and practical way to reach Elba, as well as enabling you to take in the enchanting and unique panorama to the full.

Whether you have the view of a golden sands beach, or that of one rich in colourful pebbles, whether you dock at one of the many small sea towns or in one of the tiny, sheltered coves, you can be sure this is one of the best ways to start a holiday because you will be able to take in the beauty of the sea around Elba to the full.

It goes without saying that like every good sailor you will know that there are rules and regulations you must respect when at sea.

Before you set sail or anchor your boat, it is essential that you take the weather forecast into account, above all on the Island of Elba. A very popular saying of the locals and the fishermen in Elba is: "islands have their own personal weather conditions", so keep your eyes open all the time!

Should you decide to moor, first check the weather forecast both for that night and the following day.

If wind is expected, find a sheltered area so you can moor safely. For example, if the scirocco wind is expected at 30 knots per hour on the Island of Elba, a good place to moor is Marciana Marina; on the other hand, if a northern wind is blowing - tramontana - you're better to head for Marina di Campo; a north-east wind - grecale - means head for Fetovaia.

Never forget that the fact that you are on an island means that the direction of the wind may not necessarily be what you expect, above all in some of the smaller bays, for example: a wind that we expect to come from the south could become trapped by the hills and come from the east.

Always make a point of knowing everything about the weather forecast and having an expert seaman on board!

Here is a list of the ports and landing places, equipped nautical centres and multi buoy moorings on the Island of Elba.

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Mooring buoys

Mooring buoys and beacons for your boat on the Island of Elba.

Ports and jetties

All the jetties and ports for docking safely in Elba.

Boat refueling

Complete list of the places where you can fill the tank of your boat on the Island of Elba.