Where you can fill up the tank of your boat

Knowing exactly where you can fill the tank of your boat, as well as take advantage of the facilities therein, is very important for those who want to make the most of the sea and everything it has to offer.

Fuel supply for tourists who have a boat can be done in various towns on the Island of Elba:

Cavo (Rio Marina)Lungomare Michelangelo
Marciana MarinaViale Regina Margherita
Marina di CampoPort in Marina di Campo (closed at the moment)
PortoferraioCalata Giuseppe Mazzini (only diesel at the moment)
Tel. 339 2836991
Porto AzzurroMolo lV Novembre
Opening times: 7,30 - 12,30 / 15,00 - 19,00 - Closed on Sundays
American Express not accepted
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