Mooring buoys and beacons

If this year you have chosen a holiday admiring the sea, no doubt you will be pleased to know that as well as open berth mooring in various ports and wharfs all over the Island of Elba, there are also several areas with multi buoy mooring, where all you need to do is tie your boat to a buoy, attached to a rope that is tied to a weight on the sea bed.

Multi buoy mooring is the perfect solution if you wish to anchor your boat and make mooring manoeuvres easier; the main reason they exist is to protect the flora that grows on the sea bed that an anchor could otherwise damage, and that is why most of them are in the protected areas.

It is usually the Harbour Office Police who grant you permission, while the local Communes, the environment protection authorities, or individual authorities run the organization of it all.

If you wish more information as to where the buoys are or how they are to be used, you can either do some research on Portolano or simply ask the local beach authorities.
Here is a list of them on the Island of Elba to make it a little easier for you.


Circolo Nautico Magazzini
Buoy area...Magazzini
Contact - tel. 0565 93308

Circolo Nautico San Giovanni
Buoy area....Via Leone Damiani 26, San Giovanni
Contact - tel. 0565 917165

Lega Navale
Buoy area...Grigolo
Contact - tel. 0565 917744

Amici dell'Enfola
Buoy area...Enfola

Camping Enfola
Buoy area...Loc. Enfola
Booking.........Multi buoy mooring for clients
Contact - 0565.939001

Hotel Hermitage
Buoy area...Gulf of Biodola
Booking.....Multi buoy mooring for clients
Contact - 0565 9740

Marciana Marina

Ormeggi da Massimo
Buoy area...Viale Regina Margherita 62
No. of buoys....48
Contact - tel. 0565 99404 - mobile 389 8380774

Elba Yacht Assistance
Buoy area...Viale Regina Margherita
Contact - mobile 338 7433696 - 329 4171385


Sant'Andrea multi buoy mooring
Buoy area...Sant'Andrea
No. of buoys....30
Contact details...Tel. 0565 908221 - Mobile 347 6610482 - 349 8554104

ASDN La Guardiola
Buoy area...Via Valle Grande 1, Procchio
Contact - tel. 0565 907303

Campo nell'Elba

In the sea directly opposite the port there are 3 multi mooring buoys to be used for pleasure crafts only.
Contact details................Sig. Cottone 340 4697569
Contact details................Sig. Ricci 339 4294544
Contact details................Cantiere Sea Elba 389 1233882


Stabilimento balneare Elba in Love
Buoy area...Naregno
Contact - tel. 393 8060357

Margidore multi mooring buoys
Buoy area...Margidore, Lacona
No. of buoys....84
Contact - tel. 0565 935135

Mola multi mooring buoys
Buoy area...Bay of Mola
No. of buoys...81
Contact - tel. 0565 958083 - Skype ormeggiomola

Gulf of Mola
Buoy area...Bay of Mola
No. of buoys... 200
contact - tel 0565 968692

Camping Village Europa
Buoy area...Lido Capoliveri
Booking...Mooring Buoys for campsite guests only
Contact details........ - el. 0565 940121

Camping Lido
Buoy area...Lido Capoliveri
Booking...Mooring buoys for clients only
Contact - Tel. 0565 933414 - 328 8424336 - 338 9057946

Le Calanchiole Camping Village
Buoy area...Le Calanchiole
Booking...Mooring buoys for clients
Contact - Tel. 0565 933488

Porto Azzurro

Camping Arrighi
Buoy area.....Barbarossa
Booking.....Mooring buoys for clients
Contact - Tel. 0565 95568 - 0565 95657

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