To Elba by bus: summer bus service to and from Florence and Piombino Marittima

Autobus Firenze - Isola d'Elba

2018 Bus timetable Florence - Piombino Marittima

During the summer there is a direct bus service to and from Piombino Marittima and Florence that takes only 2 and a half hours to and from the port of Piombino and the city of Florence, perfect for those who wish to go to Elba without taking their car.

Departure in Florence is from Piazzale Montelungo,platform 16 (Fortezza da Basso) in the Santa Maria Novella train station. Your destination in Piombino is Piombino Porto .

From 16th June to 9th September 2018 with DAILY departures:

Florence - Piombino connection
SMN Station - platform 16
San Vincenzo Piombino Port Piombino  Station
10.00 12.05


Piombino - Florenceconnection
Piombino Port Piombino Station San Vincenzo Florence
SMN Station - platform 16
14.30 14.35 15.05 17.10

The journey takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. 

Tickets may be bought either on line and paid for by credit card or at any of the authorised ticket offices.

If you haven't already purchased your ticket (in any of the authorised ticket offices in Florence and in Piombino) you can do so directly on board the bus at no extra cost.

Ticket prices: full price  14,50 euros. For children under the age of 2 the ticket is free but prior booking is compulsory.

Download now the 2018 timetable,  ticket prices and authorized ticket offices >

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Small dogs are allowed on the buses (as long as they are small enough to be carried), and must be kept at all times with a muzzle and on a lead; the ticket costs an extra 2 euros. Other small animals (birds, cats, hamsters) are also allowed on board but they must be kept in a cage or cat carrier.
Owners must make sure the animals cause no disturbance to other passengers. Should the bus be full, the driver has the authority to reduce, or deny, the number of pets allowed on board (with the exception of guide dogs).

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