Night before embarkation

Sometimes getting to the Island of Elba can mean having to spend several hours in your car, so if it's true that a real holiday starts with your journey, why not organize it in the best possible way?

One way might be to spend the night in a hotel in Piombino, in a hotel on the beach.

In short, staying in a hotel the night before you get on the ferry, and getting to Elba the following morning feeling relaxed and ready for the beach.

Getting up after a good night's sleep will make you feel like you're already on holiday even before you get on the ferrry!

Only 200 metres from the port of Piombino the Hotel can turn out to be a practical and economica solutionl should you have missed the last ferry over to Elba the night before, or simply if you want to stop for the night when the holiday is over and start your journey the next morning, making your holiday last another day.