Compare the prices and book your ferry tickets for the Island of Elba

By booking your ferry crossing on line through our ferry booking system, you will find out the timetables and availabilty of the shipping companies that do crossings to and from the Island of Elba (Toremar, Moby Lines Blu Navy and Corsica Sardegna Elba Ferries).

Buying your ferry ticket is easy, practical, safe and has no extra charge, in fact it is exactly the same as buying it in the ticket office at the port but with added advantages: for example, you will be able to compare the prices of the shipping companies and avoid the queues at the ticket office.

Advice from Infoelba: Some shipping companies put the prices of the tickets up depending on how full the ferry is, so it's always better to book your ticket as early as possible!

With both the Moby and Toremar LEAVE SOONER formula , and depending on availability, you can board an earlier ferry than the one you've booked.

You leave from the port of Piombino for the Island of Elba and you can choose the destination that bestsuits you, either Cavo, Rio Marina or Portoferraio, the latter being the main port and town on the Island. Almost all the crossings are done on ferries - the Corsica Sardegna Elba ones are the faster ones - but passengers only can also cross on the hydrofoil.