Suggestions for getting Elba without spending a lot of money

Three simple but very important suggestions if you want to get to Elba without spending a lot of money :

  1. Book your ticket early and take advantage of the special offers.
  2. Book your crossing on a weekday.
  3. Come to Elba in spring or in autumn, when accommodation is much cheaper.

1 and 2) For the past few years the Moby Lines shipping company has been putting up its ferry prices as the number of passengers has increased, in the same way airlines do. A good way to save money is to buy your tickets long before you travel, even as far back as January, February or March. You can get lots of really good special offers, for example only one euro to take your car across. Obviously on weekdaysyou are more likely to get cheaper tickets. The Toremar shipping company, on the other hand, hasfixed seasonal prices, and although tickets are more expensive at weekends the prices aren't subject to an increase as the number of bookings increases.

3)Don't forget that in Elba spring starts sooner than in the north of Italy!
During most of the winter the temperature is about 10º warmer than in the north of Italy. July and August, as well as the period from April 25th to May 1st, weather permitting, are considered high season, as are long weekends (when a very high number of tourists come over). Prices are good in June and September. With the exception of those just mentioned, it is very worthwhile to cross in the remaining periods!

Elba in spring

Trekking lovers can go on beautiful walks from March to June. Many Mediterranean plants like broom, rock rose and rosemary, as well as some rare endemic plants, are in full bloom. This is Elba with its THOUSANDS OF COLOURS AND THOUSANDS OrF PERFUMES.

For outdoor sports lovers, Elba has much to offer. You will be able to admire the wonderful nature of this jewel whether you cycle along its beautiful paths on a mountain bike, or on horseback, or do some water sports like deep sea diving and sailing!

If you prefer you can also relax. If you are lucky you will get lovely weather in spring and you can go to any of the beaches, all of which are usually deserted, but bear in mind the water is cold.

Get to know Elba in AUTUMN!

In September, on the other hand, Elba is somewhat "sunburnt". Although the green Mediterannean scrub can still be seen nature has lost some of its beauty. The water is very warm and the beaches half empty, perfect if you want to relax or do some outdoor sports.

Low Cost ferry tickets to Elba

A new service that the Toremar and Moby shipping companies have started is the so called CROSS EARLIER which means you can cross with Moby or Toremar on the day you have booked but on an earlier ferry (depending on availability).

Not only that, one of Moby Lines most convenient crossings is that to and from Piombino to Rio Marina that means you can travel to Elba at only 11,88 euros per passenger. Very convenient, therefore, for those who choose to stay in Cavo, or Rio Marina or Porto Azzurro on the eastern side of the island.

So take our advice, the Island of Elba AWAITS YOU with open arms!

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Discount ferry tickets to Elba for those who have a bus season ticket

10% discount on Moby and Toremar ferry tickets to and from the Island of Elba for those who have a CTT North, CPT r VAIBUS season ticket.