Mini guide on arrival in Piombino and ferry embarkation

Ferry embarkation

When the number of people going to Elba is high, as you approach the port of Piombino you will see port operators from each of the shipping companies who will help you embark.

It is however very easy : once you reach Piombino you will see signs for the port and the quays, then just click Piazzale Premuda on your sat nav

Where to go whether you have already bought your ticket or not is clearly signposted. Straight on if you have, to the left if you haven't. There are car parks if you need to stop and buy your ticket.

Our advice is to always purchase your ticket beforehand, which can be done either in any of the official ticket offices or through any on line ticket office that enable you to purchase it sitting comfortably at home.

So all you do is turn left and you will see the quays in this order: first the Moby, then Moby - Toremar and finally Toremar.

When you are about to embark you might be told to drive onto the side ramps of the ferry; if this is the case the crew will tell you as soon as you are inside the ferry. Normally smaller cars are put there.

Suggestion from Infoelba:When there are many cars crossing to and from Elba, like on the days from April 25th to May 1st, and in July and August, we advise you to get to the port in plenty of time. both the Toremar and the Corsica Sardinia Ferries shipping companies reccomend you be at the port at least 30 minutes before embarkation, while Moby and Blu Navy ask you to be there at least an hour before.

Disembarkation by car

Once you arrive, you will hear a voice coming over the loudspeakers telling passengers that DRIVERS ONLY may go down to the garage, while other passengers will be asked to disembark using the outside stairs.

Make sure you have all agreed on where to meet once off the ferry, because in Piombino, for example, on some quays the cars can leave the port by either turning right or left.

Some simple advice during the crossing

Suggestions from Infoelba: Please remember to switch off your car alarm during the crossing. If you have come by camper, any gas cysterns you have with you must be closed. You must inform the staff if your car runs on gas (GPL),and you must remember that as soon as you embark the connection must be switched off!

When the weather is nice enjoy the crossing out on the deck.

If you are quite happy without the air conditioning inside, go out on to the deck and admire the view of the islands between Piombino and the coast of Elba and of the coastline between Cavo and Portoferraio.

You can also enjoy the company of the seagulls that fly behind the ship's wake, hoping to be thrown some food like crackers or breadcrumbs etc.

Some of the braver ones might even take the food from your hand:

Be careful however! A seagull's beak can be painful! Don't let your children do it.

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