Answers to the most frequent questions concerning the ferries

Ticket booking

Do I have to book my ferry ticket beforehand or can I buy it directly at the port?
In peak season, we always advise even passengers without a car too to book their ferry ticket beforehand; in this way they should be lucky enough to avoid long queues of people waiting to buy a ticket. If you have a car or motorbike and want to be sure of finding room on the ferry it's always better to book beforehand. With the ferry ticket booking system on our web site, you can view all the times of the crossings and the availablility on the ferries of the four shipping companies that cross to and from the Island of Elba (Toremar, Moby Lines, Blu Navy and Corsica Sardegna Elba Ferries). As well as there being no extra cost for the ticket, the added advatage is that you can compare the prices of all four companies.

When I click the requested information for my booking do I have to specify the number of passengers in the car with me or just the passengers and not the driver?
The first step is to specify the names of all passengers including that of the driver. The third step is to give complete details of the person in whose name the ticket is being made out to (if he/she is one of the passengers you will have to include the details twice).

I am unable to find the book with the measurements of my car, what shoudl I do?
When you have to specify what car you have the most important thing is the length, and if that make is not included in the list on the web site just click "Make not listed" (from the same section) and specify the length.

I wish to purchase my ticket on line but as yet I don't know the registration number of the car I'll be driving. What do I do?
When you book on line you must fill in the section REGISTRATION NUMBER, otherwise you will not be allowed to continue. When you do not or cannot insert the registration number, just write "on hire" or "new car".

I have booked my tickets on line, when will I receive my confirmation email?
Tickets are usually sent off very quickly during office hours so it's usually just a question of minutes. Should you not receive them check your in box and see if they are in SPAM, and if you still can't find them please contact the booking office.

Can I change or cancel my on like ticket?
Please contact the booking office if you wish to change or cancel your ferry ticket, but bear in mind you may have to pay a surcharge.

Once I have printed off my on line ticket is that all I need to board the ferry or will I have to collect anything from the ticket office when I get to the port?
Your on line ticket is all you will need to embark. When you get to the port you will see the ferry traffic handlers of all four companies who will guide both vehicles and passengers on board as well as checking their tickets.

Information concerning your journey

How soon should I be at the port in order to carry out all the necessary procedures (if I'm travelling by car)?
We usually advise at least 1 hour beforehand because there are often long queues of vehicles waiting to board, and it depends on the day and the time of the crossing.

Is it true you can board an earlier or later ferry regardless of your ticket?
With the LEAVE EARLIER method, you can if you wish board an earlier ferry, but only on a Moby or Toremar one, and only if there is room. Should you arrive late please go to the ticket office and explain that you have missed the ferry that you had booked. The shipping company may allow you to cross on the next one, if, of course, there is room.

As regards embarkation are the rules for vehicles that run on methane gas the same as for LPG vehicles?
These are the rules: you must say when you book if your vehicle runs on LPG or methane gas, and when you are about to embark your tank must be only half full and you must also inform the staff at the check-in of which gas your vehicle runs on.

If I have walking problems and am unable to use the stairs how do I get to the upper deck?
Those in need of special assistance must declare this when they book, and they must also do so at least 48 hours before their ferry is due to cross.

Am I allowed to take my pet on board?
You are allowed to take more than one pet on board as long as you also have a ticket for each animal. For the health and safety of your pet it is strictly forbidden to leave it/them in the car during the crossing; they are allowed on board but must be kept outside or, if available, in one of the special areas for pets. Dogs must be kept inside a dog carrier or on a lead and must wear a muzzle.

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