The first "Smart Ferry" in Italy for Elba: Piombino - Portoferraio

Size 2386,70 tons.
Speed 18 knots
Capacity 530 passengers and 101 cars
Facilities Bar, air conditioning and heating, anti rolling stabilizers, facilities for the disabled, sun deck, children's play area, free WIFi, mobile phone re-charging, social area

The Toremar Marmorica is the first ferry to have undergone renovation and is now the first ship in Italy to be classed as a "Smart Ferry". It now has consoles for recharging electronic appliances (smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, etc.) as well as free WiFiand a social area where passengers may inter connect.

A partnership has recently been created beween RCS and Quibee which enables passengers free access to some of the articles published by the RCS Group, above all those in the newspapers "Corriere della Sera", "la Gazzetta dello Sport" and several others of the Group.

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