Toremar's new, fast way to cross can carry up to 145 passengers

Tonnage 209 tons
Speed 34 knots
Capacity 145 passengers
Facilities Heating and air conditioning, anti-roll bars, access for the disabled, free wi-fi for the entire length of the crossing

The Schiopparello Jet is the Toremar Shipping Company's new fast way to get to and from Piombino and the Island of Elba on the Piombino - Cavo - Portoferraio crossing, and has a maximum speed of 34 knots.

It only takes 20 minutes from Piombino to Cavo, then another 20 minutes from Cavo to Portoferraio

Schiopparello Jet is a 35 metre long and 8 metre wide catamaran that can carry up to 150people (145 passengers and 5 crew members). It is a completely new, comfortable and very quick way of cossing. It has all the facilities that have made the Toremar the first Smartferry shipping company in the world: free wi-fi for the entire length of the crossing.

The hydrofoil carries passengers only.

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