Flight information to and from the Island of Elba

The most comfortable way to get to the Island of Elba is by plane: the flight from Monaco to Elba takes about one hour and 40 minutes, giving you plenty of time for a swim in Elba. The numerous weekly flights enable you to reach the main European airports.

The airport on the Island of Elba is in La Pila, 2 kilometres from Marina di Campo. It is a private, civil airport where commercial flights land and take off, and two airline companies connect Elba with several cities in Europe:

Silver Air

An airline company that guarantees daily connections with scheduled flights to and from Pisa (40 minutes), Florence (50 minutes) and Milano Linate (1 hour and 20 minutes).

The flight is very scenic and is done on a 16-seater LET410 with a flight attendant on board.

Since 2015, Silver Air has offered not only the lowest, standard prices to residents or to those who need to go to the mainland for medical reasons , but also grants special discount prices to students, who can fly to and from Florence or Pisa for only 25,00 euros, airport taxes included.

Not only students who are residents on the Island of Elba are granted this discount, but also students born on the Island of Elba but who live elsewhere.

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Other flights to Elba

You can also fly to the Island of Elba starting from London, Stockholm, Vienna, Copenhagen, Monaco, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin and many other European cities via connecting flights with the airports of Linate, Pisa and Florence.

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A Swiss airline connecting the Island of Elba with Bern (1hour and 20 minutes) and Island of Elba Zurich (1 hour and 25 minutes).

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A Swiss airline that since June 2015 has connected the Island of Elba with charter flights to and from two airports: Sion (1h20') and La Chaux-de-Fonds (1h30').

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Island of Elba Airport

Here are the phone numbers and contact details for the Airport in Marina di Campo on the Island of Elba:
Alatoscana S.p.A
Via dell'Aeroporto, 208
57034 Campo nell'Elba (LI)

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Tel. 0565.976011 - Fax 0565.976008
Web site: www.elbaisland-airport.it - Email: alatoscana@elba-airport.it

Suggestion from Infoelba: by choosing to come by plane, you will have the unique opportunity of seeing the Island of Elba from above and you will be able to admire its wavy coastline, its "dominant" mountains, and its magnificent colours. Be sure to have your camera with you so you can take photos that others can only dream of!

Suggestion from Infoelba: Have you come on holiday to Elba without your car? No problem!
Thanks to an efficient booking system you can hire a vehicle so that you can go round the island when and where you choose: by car, by motor bike, by scooter or by bike...choose what best suits both you and your pocket!

Pisa-Elba minibus timetables

Shuttle minibus service to and from Pisa Airport and the Island of Elba: dates and times for the season 2017.

Times and ticket booking

Daily flights from Pisa, Firenze and Milano Linate.

The Island of Elba Airport

The Island of Elba airport is in La Pila, about 2 km from Marina di Campo, on the southern side of the island, and is easy to get to.
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