Fig jam with roasted almonds and slices of lemon

Figs have always been an important source of food and nourishment in all the islands of Tuscany. The locals either ate them when they were in season and at their best or dried them so as to use them in the winter for making excellent jam.

Thanks to the hard work on behalf of some committed producers from Elba, these cuisine customs and traditions have been passed down from generation to generation, so that even today you can still read about and enjoy these recipes all over the Island of Elba.

You can still find the "schiaccia" with figs, what used to be the typical workers' and miners' breakfast; in Rio nell'Elba, and you can still enjoy the "imbollite di fichi","focacce" similar to the ones the Romans used to offer to the gods as a thanksgiving.

One of the best things you can make with figs is without a doubt the jam that you can easily make at home; here is the recipe.

[img index="0" params="format=ms&class=image-l"[/img]Ingredients

1 kg of soft, ripe figs, 800 gr of sugar, 50 gr of roasted, blanched almonds, 2 organic lemons


Wash and dry the figs without breaking them. Remove the stalk but don't peel them because you need the skins for the jam. Cut them into small pieces and place into large pan.

Cook the figs and turn frequently.

Remove from heat, put through a mouli food mill, then put back into pot, add the sugar, and boil gently for about an hour.

Wash the lemons, slice them with their skins and add to the figs. Cook until soft.

Hint from Infoelba: You will know the jam is ready if you pour a little on to a small plate and it thickens as it cools.

Add the whole, roasted almonds while the jam is still hot.

Pour into glass jars and keep like any other jam.

Recipe taken from "Etologia Gastronomica delle Isole di Toscana" by Alvaro Claudi
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