2014: year of the bicentenary of Napoleon Bonaparte's exile on the Island of Elba

The year 2014 will always be remembered as a very important year for the Island of Elba because it will be the Bicentenary of Napoleon Bonaparte's exile on the island.

The French Emperor arrived at Portoferraio on the Island of Elba on May 3rd 1814 and disembarked the following day, May 4th, where he remained till February 26th 1815.

Napoleon's stay in Elba had a very strong effect on the development of the island, where he ruled and brought about important changes in the every day life of the locals, like the flag he hoisted on the uppermost part of Portoferraio that still exists today.

People from Elba have always felt very close to Napoleon, and every May 5th a mass is held in his honour in the Church of the Reverenda Misericordia in Portoferraio.

Napoleon's Bicentenary will be celebrated with 10 months of exhibitions, musical shows and historical remakes that will cover several stages of his exile, from his installation in office to his "flight" from Elba, so as to never forget the man who left such a strong mark on the island.

We strongly reccomend the walks "Following Napoleon's footsteps" organised by the 2014 Tuscany Walking Festival. Trekking lovers will find many many routes and guided excursions in search of the places where the Emperor stopped.

Napoleon's field tent

The original field tent, recently renovated by Mobilier National, for the first time on show on the island of Elba from June to September

Historical revivals

The historical revivals and the traditions of the time of Napoleon on the Island of Elba

A miniseries about Napoleon produced by Spielberg

Spielberg and kubrick are working on the screenplay of a miniseries dedicated to Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon leaves Elba

Napoleon didn't secretly flee from Elba but had organized his departure long before

"The Empire Island", a volume about Elba under Napoleon

Revisiting the history of the Island of Elba through the man Napoleon "told" by the documents of the historical archives in the Communes of the Island of Elba

Napoleon's disembarkation

Three whole days dedicated to the official opening of Napoleon's bicentenary
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