Three whole days dedicated to the official opening of Napoleon's bicentenary

Three whole days dedicated to this very special event and to all the preparations for Napoleon's arrival on the Island of Elba, that's exactly how visitors to the town of Portoferraio can take part in the official celebrations of Napoleon's bicentenary in Elba. Something like turning the clocks back to the early months of the year 1814, when the history of the island was changed for ever. Three whole days of historical revivals, folklore and culture, complete with different celebrations also in other parts of the island.

Starting on May 3rd, the entire island will get ready to welcome the Emperor, with scenes from daily life taken from the same date in 1814, when Napoleon had already arrived at the coast of the Island but was awaiting the final preparations before officially disembarking and starting his new reign. On May 4th from 2.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. in the ESAOM - roundabout area free parking and a shuttle bus service will be available for those who wish to get to the old part. Here is the list of all the celebrations in Portoferraio.


10.00 A.M.
True,19th century style market with typical products on sale in Piazza Cavour. Craftsmen. Visitors.
All those taking part are dressed in traditional clothes of the time.

10.30 A.M.
Arrival at the Molo Elba of Napoleon's Commisaries. Meeting in the Sala Della Gran Guardia (Piazza Cavour) then a parade to Piazza d'Arme (Piazza della Repubblica).
followed by a review of the troops and military parades.

At the same time the various people wearing costumes of the time will arrive at the old part and relive some scenes of what was then the daily life

11.00 A.M.
The troops walk through the town and reach the Palazzina dei Mulini in groups.
The people wearing costumes also walk across the town heading for the outskirts.

4.00 P.M.
Children from the local Primary Schools take part in "Napoleonic Games" in the Town Square.

The military parades keep crossing the various parts of the town

6.00 P.M.
A concert will be held in the Church of the Santissimo Sacramento by the French Choir


9.30 P.M.
Vigilanti Theatre - JAZZ Concert by I Music Nuda -
Duet with Petra Magoni (vocals) and Ferruccio Spinetti (double bass)
Financed by Region of Tuscany - free entrance

SUNDAY MAY 4th 2014

9.00 A.M.
Market opens.
People wearing costumes arrive.
Review of troops.

11.00 A.M.
Groups of people wearing costumes arrive from various parts of Elba.

12.00 A.M.
Flag raising ceremony. Molo Elba and Tower of the Linguella.
Inauguration of the bicentenary celebrations before the Authorities

3.00 P.M.
Molo Elba. Marshalling arrayment of the troops awaiting the Emperor.
Arrival of the "important" people wearing special costumes there to await the disembarkment.

4.00 P.M.
Arrival of the canopy for the emperor on his arrival.

4.30 P.M.
Napoleon arrives at the Molo Elba. Review of the lined up troops. Welcome by the "Meire" who will then hand the keys of the town over to Napoleon.

5.00 P.M.
Procession starts off. From Molo Elba to Piazza Cavour as far as the Dome. Procession enters the church, TE DEUM, then continues to the Town buildings for the final salute to the town on behalf of the Emperor. Here the procession heads off again, but this time without the canopy, for Via Guerrazzi, under the arch and down to the sea front, concert by the Pietri Philarmonic Orchestra, then on to the Molo Gallo. Journey back along the sea front to the arch in the direction of Via Galeazze, along the market stalls, then up the stairway to the Dei Mulini Residence.

MONDAY 5th MAY 2014

11.30 A.M.
Church of the Misericordia Mass with prayers in honour of Napoleon, hymns by the Schola Cantorum of Marina di Campo

5.30 P.M.
De Laugier Cultural Centre - Convention by the Centre of Napoleonic Studies entitled "The Eagle and the Holy Water". Vito Patella and Don Giorgio Carbone, authors of the book on Napoleon Bonaparte, Discussions on Christianity, Luigi Mascilli Migliorini and Angelo Varni.

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