Revisiting the history of the Island of Elba through the man Napoleon "told" by the documents of the historical archives in the Communes of the Island of Elba

Besides the various ideas concerning the bicentenary of Napoleon Bonaparte's stay on the Island of Elba there is also that of the publication of two monographs that are due out the first in 2014 and the second in 2015. The first volume "The Empire Island. History of the Island of Elba under the rule of Napoleon" will be presented for the first time on June 7th in Portoferraio and later on it will also be presented in all the other Communes on the Island of Elba.

Gloria Peria, of the Gestione Associata degli Archivi Storici of the Island of Elba, in collaboration with Luigi Mascilli Migliorini of the Rivista del Centro Nazionale di Studi Napoleonici e di Storia dell'Elba, will deal with the publication. Nicoletta Marini D'Armenia on the other hand, will deal with the editing.

It will be the first special edition of the Rivista del Centro that will include a collection of unpublished essays by different authors based on research carried out in the historical archives of the Communes on the Island of Elba.

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