The small town is the nearest place to the mainland

Cavo is a beach resort, fully equipped for tourists, with a sandy beach that goes as far as Capo Castello, where there are the remains of a Roman villa from the first century AD, and a beautiful coastline of cliffs that goes from Capo Castello to Capo della Vita.

The small port is the nearest place to the mainland, and has water and refuelling facilities for pleasure boats. In 1849, Giuseppe Garibaldi stopped there on his way to the Island of Caprera.

You can also admire the Tonietti Mausoleum here; it is a unique, liberty style building that stands out above the wild vegetation on the island, and was designed by the architect Adolfo Coppedè (Florence 1871 - Montemurlo 1951) on behalf of the Tonietti family who wanted a sepulchral chapel. The Toniettis were the first concessionaires of the iron mines on the eastern side of Elba after the unification of Italy. Coppedè is known for the Via Dora area in Rome.

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