Information concerning guided excursions on the Island of Montecristo

Protection of the island is in the hands of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, while its conservation is run by the State Forest Rangers.

After the Island was granted the European Diploma for protection of the environment, the European Council put a limit on the number of visitors allowed to come, maximum 1000. Great choice is made concerning the applications, and priority is given to schools, the world of research and culture, and anything to do with environment protection. Since 2008, thanks to the Tuscan Archipelago Park, 100 places are always kept for students who are residents in the Commune of Portoferraio (LI) because the territory of the island is part of this Commune, then places for other students from other schools, as long as they are residents in the Commune.

The State Forest Rangers allow daily visits. Please contact the Ufficio Territoriale of Biodiversity in Follonica (GR), or phone 0566 40019, but be prepared for a very long waiting list.

Daily visits for groups will have a guide, and cover two educational itineraries with an educational and naturalistic aim. Both itineraries are very tiring, if you take into consideration the difference in level you will have to go up, the hot sun, and no trees for most of the way if you want some shade.