Story of the French emperor's exile in Elba in 1814

The Island of Elba is world famous not only because of its crystal clear sea, or the colours of its nature or the richness of its minerals, but also thanks to a great name: NAPOLEON BONAPARTE.

After the appalling battle of Lipsia, then the treaty of Fontainbleau, Napoleon, up till then the Emperor of all of Europe, is forced to abdicate from the French throne and accept a totally different type of "empire": the Island of Elba.

Correct, because, contrary to what most people think, Napoleon wasn't "imprisoned" in Elba: he chose the island for his exile and during his reign brought about more changes than any other leader before him. For the first time in centuries, the Island of Elba was united under one flag (the only time, in fact, that it was united: today it is still divided into 8 communes), and for the first time, after years of battles and having to move from one place to another, Napoleon Bonaparte was forced to come to a stop and govern a territory whose inhabitants would have remembered him forever

This part wishes to briefly relive the ten months of Napoleon's stay in Elba by going back to the symbolic places of his exile, the less known aspects of his private life and some anecdotes told by Sandro Foresi (S. Foresi, Napoleon poor man, 1941).

In 2014, the Bicentenary of Napoleon Bonaparte's exile was held on the Island of Elba with many [page id="557"]special events and historical commemorations/page].

The arrival in Elba

The emperor chose the Island of Elba for his 10 month exile

The first night

Napoleon is given hospitality, on the night of his arrival, in the Town building in Portoferraio.

The Villa dei Mulini

Napoleon found the perfect place to stay: the Villa dei Mulini in the old historical part of Portoferraio.

Napoleon and Elba

The intense military, economic and social work carried out by Napoleon while he was exiled on the island

The Villa in San Martino

Napoleon buys the Villa in San Martino as his summer residence and love nest with Maria Luisa.

Madame Mère's arrival

On August 2nd Napoleon's mother, Letizia, goes to Portoferraio where she remains until the end of her son's exile.

Love story with Maria Walewska

Napoleon's lover arrives in Elba on September 1st 1814, and went with him to the Madonna del Monte hermitage, a much loved place of Napoleon.

Paolina Borghese and her parties

The third lady who made Napoleon's 300 days in Elba more pleasant was Paolina Borghese, his sister.

Napoleon leaves Elba

Napoleon didn't flee from Elba, but organized his departure many days before.
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