Napoleon is given hospitality in Portoferraio, in the town building

The tragic bit was when the mayor Traditi had to prepare the imperial "palace".

"Where shall we stick him? Where shall we stick him?" he repeated in an agitated, desparate way.

One by one his plans fell through as every type of difficulty arose. In the end he decided "to stick" the emperor and his retinue in the shabby town hall. (p.28)

What a come down from the Tuileries to the town building ! Napoleon was unable to hide his state of confusion; the authorities, on the other hand, were somewhat annoyed since they thought they had carried out their duty to the full. (p.62)

What Napoleon really thought of the lodgings that awaited him, can be found in a letter he wrote to Maria Luisa on May 4th 1814:

"My dearest Luisa, for 4 days I was out at sea in good weather. I didn't feel ill at all; I got to the Island of Elba, it's quite nice, my accommodation isn't up to much but I will get somewhere better in a few weeks. I have no news from you. This makes me suffer every day. I'm in perfect health. Goodbye my friend, you are very far away from me, but my thoughts are with my dear Luisa. Give my son a warm embrace. Yours only Nap" (p.63)

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