Some numbers about the population of the Island of Elba and its 7 Communes

Population and area

On the basis of the Istat survey of January 1st 2016, the population of the Island of Elba (or "Elbani" as they are called) is about 32.090, divided into the seven Communes that run the island: The largest Commune on the Island of Elba is Portoferraio with a population of 11.992, the "Portoferraiesi" as they are called; then comes Campo nell'Elba, with a population of 4.805 , called "Campesi".

Capoliveri has 4.033 "Capoliveresi", and Porto Azzurro has 3.751 "Porto Azzurrini" or "Porto Azzurresi". On the eastern side of the Island 3346 people live in the Commune of Rio (the two Communes of Rio Marina and Rio nell'Elba joined into one in 2018) The last two Communes are very near to each other, those of Marciana Marina and Marciana: the former has 1.977 "Marinesi" while the latter has 2.186 "Marcianesi".