You can reach only three beaches by land

Compared to other communes in Elba, Rio nell'Elba has the fewest beaches that you can get to by land, in fact there are three only! There are three reasons for this: a very under developed coastline; how the more mountainous areas are spread out; the fact that these beaches aren't easily seen.

The only way to get to all the other beaches is by sea!

Not only that, half of one of these three beaches is actually part of the commune of Portoferraio: Bagnaia; the other two are [page id=307"]Nisporto[/page] and Nisportino.

The coast where they are has a sheer drop down to the sea, thus making it very difficult to take advatage of the beaches, so the tiny and very beautiful ones, that are very few and far between, are there waiting to be found!

]To mention some: Zupignano, Le Secche, Rivercina and Mangani.