Elba cuisine: food and wine and typical products

The flavours of the Elba cuisine come from simple dishes where fantasy mingles with knowledge when choosing the ingredients. This very cuisine, considered humble in the past, thanks to tourism is today considered refined.

The most popular dishes are those that require long and complicated preparation, and one of the hot favourites is without a doubt the Rio style stockfish, an exquisite dish made with salted anchovies, onions, tomatoes, basil, parsely, green peppers, black olives, pine nuts, capers and of course oil, chilli peppers and salt.

Gurguglione is another speciality from Rio made from vegetables, cuttlefish ink risotto, stuffed tattlers, the famous cacciucco or fish soup, but also very simple dishes like boiled octopus, fried picarels or stuffed sardines.

After all these delicious dishes you could only finish off with a good wine, even though, sad to say, Elba used to have about 3.000 hectares of vineyards but over the past fifty years they have gone down to less than 200.

However the Elba wines are first class and many bear the DOC label, such as the excellent: Elba White, Elba Red, Rosato, Ansonica, Moscato and Aleatico (DOCG).

Traditional recipes

The oldest dishes of Elba cuisine: traditional, local recipes
Risotto with squid ink
How they make risotto with squid ink in Elba.

Elbano's "Penne in Barca"
The recipe for the world famous "Penne in Barca", invented by the Portoferraio chef Elbano Benassi.

Spaghetti with Spider-crab
The Elba recipe for spaghetti with Spider-crab (Granseola)

Pappardelle with mushrooms
The recipe for home made pappardelle with fresh mushrooms

Spaghetti with squid
Squid sauce is very tasty and perfect for any occasion and is made with fresh and delicious ingredients.

Stockfish Sburrita
The Rio version of stockfish sburrita, the best known and most tasty on the Island of Elba.

Recipe for “Guguglione”, a mixture of stewed peppers and aubergines and other vegetables, very popular in the past among miners and farmers.

Poacher's wild boar
The recipe for poacher's wild boar is very tasty and is known all over Italy as "Hunter's wild boar".

Elba style cacciucco
Cacciucco is a fish soup made with different types of what is considered today poor man's fish and shellfish.

Rio style Stockfish
Recipe for Stockfish, a delicious and very tasty traditional dish from Rio.

Fried anchovies
Recipe for fried anchovies, that are very tasty and easy to make

Stuffed sardines
One of the many dishes with sardines, a fish that was considered humble but that in actual fact is very tasty and is rich in nutritional values.

Elba style boiled octopus
Step by step recipe for boiled octopus, following the Elba recipe that requires no seasoning.

Stuffed squid
One of the many variations of the recipe for stuffed Squid

Castagnaccio and fritters
The recipe for Castagnaccio is typically from Elba, and by following the same recipe you can also make delicious fritters.

Schiaccia Briaca
Recipe for “Schiaccia Briaca”, the typical Elba cake made from aleatico wine and dried fruit.

Fig jam
Fig jam is easy to make, use figs when they are in season and you can enjoy it in the winter months.

Easter Schiaccia
One of the typical recipes from Elba, not very different to those for other parts of the region of Tuscany.

Chestnut pudding
Ingredients and method for making chestnut pudding

Sailor's Bread
Sailor's (or Fisherman's) Bread was given to sailors as a comforter, and the recipe is known in many Mediterranean countries.

Recipe for “Schiacciunta”, a sweet, biscuit type of cake from the Island of Elba that is usually made during the winter months.

Fig "imbollita"
Recipe for Fig "Imbollita", one of the Island of Elba's oldest and most traditional cakes.s

The recipe for the “Corollo” , a ring shaped cake that in the past was traditionally made for a special celebration.

Ceremito and sportella
The Ceremito (or cerimito) and the Sportella are typical cakes made traditionally at Easter in Rio Elba.

Elba wines

The most important wines from Elba are elba white, red, aleatico, moscato, rosato and ansonica.

Herbs and typical products

Home-made honey, beer from Elba, extra virgin oil, wild and aromatic plants.

Typical dishes and their origins

All the Elba dishes have simple, basic ingredients that the skilled members of the previous generation turn into delicacies.

Restaurants and pizzerias

A choice of restaurants and pizzerias in Elba where you can savour the typical Elba cuisine.
Restaurants, taverns and inns in the characteristic narrow streets in the centre of Portoferraio, dishes made from meat and fish.

Marina di Campo
Restaurants and pizzerias in the town of Marina di Campo, both in the centre and on the sea front..

Marciana Marina
Restaurants, pizzerias, inns and bars in the town of Marciana Marina. Typical Elba dishes made from fish.

For those who prefer dishes made from meat, Marciana is undoubtedly the perfect place. Restaurants and taverns in Marciana.

Porto Azzurro
In Porto Azzurro the tables in the restaurants liven up the streets when the sun goes down, and the aroma of freshly served food is in the air.

Restaurants, pizzerias and inns in the town of Capoliveri

Rio Marina
Restaurants, pizzerias and inns in the town of Rio Marina

Rio nell'Elba
Restaurants and pizzerias in the town of Rio nell'Elba

For celiacs
The restaurants and pizzerias in Elba that cater for celiacs and serve gluten-free food.

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