Risotto with squid ink from the Island of Elba

According to an old proverb from Elba: "The best pasta is rice!"


600/700 gr. of squid, parsely, onions, garlic, 500gr of tomatoes, chilli powder (called zenzero in Elba), oil, wine, salt, rice.


Clean the cuttlefish thouroughly; be careful not to break the "black" (ink) bag inside and put them aside for later.

Cut the squid into small pieces and finely chop the tentacles. Gently fry a small onion in oil then add the pieces of squid and chopped tentacles, and fry gently for a few minutes. Add a glass of white wine.

Once the wine has evaporated add 500 gr of peeled, sieved tomatoes, the finely chopped parsely and garlic, the chilli powder, and the salt. Cook gently. Add water from time to time if necessary: remember to leave the sauce quite thin in order to cook the rice later.

When the squid is ready, add the rice and the "black" bags and stir well. Add stock if the rice dries up while cooking.

Photographs from the web site Oggi
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