Osteria La Miniera del Gusto
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Via Claris Appiani 7, 57038, Rio Marina

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Osteria La Miniera del Gusto Restaurant Rio Marina

The Miniera del Gusto is a small restaurant/tavern (with room for about 30 people at the most). It is owned by Giampiero Marazzi, and his main aim is to pass his deep passion for food and wine on to his clients so that they too will learn to love and appreciate his genuine, first quality food.

Most of the dishes on the menu are based on the typical, traditional cuisine of both the Island of Elba and Tuscany.

Great detail is put into both the preparation and choice of top quality products of all the dishes served in the “Miniera del Gusto”; only niche products are chosen and cooked in accordance with the Slow Food style. Only flour from Tuscany is used, as with the fish and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our clients can choose from a wide variety of local and national wines on our wine list, and we also have a detailed and explicit list of the Extra Virgin Olive Oils we use.

The restaurant/tavern is in the centre of Rio Marina, known by the locals as “the Old Market”, and you can still see the granite tables where in the past the food on sale was laid out. Between the chemist and the fishmonger there is a wooden platform where you can relax and savour all the delicious food to the full, with the peace and quiet of the geraniums all around you, far from the hustle and bustle of the busy traffic.

In 2018 the Miniera del Gusto Tavern was included in the list of the top restaurants in the cuisine guide books entitled “Osterie d’Italia – A list of the best places for eating out in Italy” and “Il Gatti Massobrio – list of the best restaurants in Italy”.

Giampiero Marazzi has had a passion for food and wine since 1979. In the years between 1986 and 1990 he owned and cultivated and tended his own vineyard in the hills around Pisa and brought out a first class Chianti. Since 2008 he has been an AIS sommelier and since 2003 he has been a member of the SlowFood organization and since 2016 as a Trustee of the Code of conduct for the Island of Elba. He opened this tavern in 2014 in an attempt to pass his love for simple but first class food on to others.

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