Small, white shingle beach, near Enfola and Viticcio

The enchanting name of this beach probably comes from there being a large ditch nearby. During the summer the ditch remains dry but during the winter the pebbles and sand that line it are carried down by the water, and this is how this lovely beach has come to be.

Thanks to the crystal clear water that has such beautiful colours it is believed that the past generation chose this name for these very reasons.

The beach is approximately 80 metres long and sits in a tiny gulf with lush vegetation all around, that grows practically as far down as the beach. It consists of sand mixed with shingle and, as already said, the sea is crystal clear.

Once past the small pine wood after Acquaviva beach you will see a scenic pathalong the top of the rocks, and in just over 10 minutes you will get to two beaches: Sorgente (also called Acquavivetta) and Sansone.

How to get to Acquaviva beach

You can get there on foot by following a short path after you have parked your car at the side of the road for Enfola, about 4,5 km from Portoferraio.

In summer there is also a regular daily minibus service that leaves from Portoferraio.

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Information and facilities

Recommended with the following winds Sirocco, South Wind
Length80 m
FacilitiesBar, Market, Minibus, Car park, Restaurants
Nearby beaches Sorgente (0,31 km), Sansone (0,45 km), Seccione (0,96 km), Viticcio (0,96 km), Enfola (1,38 km), Sottobomba (1,77 km), Forno (2,2 km), Capo Bianco (2,34 km), Scaglieri (2,4 km), Padulella (2,44 km), Cala dei Frati (2,74 km), Biodola (2,75 km), Le Ghiaie (3,12 km), Lamaia (3,36 km), Porticciolo (3,47 km), Le Viste (3,67 km)


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Beach of Acquaviva

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