A bay that is completely sheltered from almost all the winds that usually blow across the island

The faraway town of Capoliveri looks down onto Barabarca, a pristine beach that is very interesting from an environmental point of view as well as being perfect for those who love untouched beaches in the heart of nature.

The moment you start going down the path you can't help but notice the breathtaking view; on your left the actual beach with its emerald green sea and on your right the rocks that seem to be just waiting for you to go down and discover the sea bed: make sure you have brought your mask and flippers with you!

The surrounding coastline of lush Mediterranean bush that is rich in agave and Alimo bushes, acts as a barrier and practically goes right down as far as the beach. It consists of white sand mixed with small pebbles , and there are many parts of it that are covered in posidonia that has been washed up by the tide.

The crystal clear water and the sea bed that is partially covered in rocks make this beach perfect for going snorkelling.

The bar here also rents out sun beds, pedalos and canoes.

Barabarca is also perfect for families with small children because they can play safely on the shore. The rocks on the other hand to the right are popular among nudists.

The beach sits in a bay so it is very sheltered from most winds that usually blow across the island.

How to get to the beach

More or less half way between the traffic lights at the junction for Capoliveri - Porto Azzurro and the actual town of Capoliveri you'll find a right turning for the beaches of Zuccale and Barabarca (on the right of the chapel immediately after the junction there is a left turning).

There are two spacious car parks: the smaller one is on the left, in the direction of Barabarca, and isfree; the larger one is on the right, above Zuccale beach, and here there are parking metreswhere the cost is 1,00 euro per hour

If you want to go to Barabarca go down the path that starts off at the smaller car park (the one on the left), but bear in mind that since this means you will have to go down several steps, the beach isn't suitable if you have a pushchair or aren't very sure-footed.

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Information and facilities

Recommended with the following winds North-East Wind, East Wind
CompositionSand and shingles
Length130 m
FacilitiesBar, Canoe/kayak rental, Sun umbrella / sun bed hire/rental, Pedalo rental, Stand Up Paddle rental, Car park
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