Region of Tuscany Law for the protection of animals

With the 59/2009 law Tuscany was one of the first regions in Italy to bring out a law for the protection of animals. It is divided into 43 different paragraphs and covers every aspect of how they are to be treated both at home and in public.

Paragraph 19, in particular, concerns their admission to public areas like gardens and parks as well as to beaches.

This paragraph allows all dog owners to take their dogs with them to the beach, but, wherever the law states it, the dogs must wear a muzzle and be kept on a lead. Dogs are not allowed in children's play areas, or in any public area where notices clearly forbid it.

The law also states that, if they wish, the Communes may alter the rules and regulations concerning any other areas they consider suitable for dogs, where they may "be free to walk,run and play without having to wear a muzzle or be kept on a lead, watched over by their owners at all times, so they do not cause any damage to the vegetation or to anything else".

The law also explains the rules and regulations dog owners have to respect, for example, they must make sure their dog doesn't defecate in any public area - in which case they are compelled to clean it up - or ruin anything, or in any way harm or disturb anybody, and must at all times watch over their dog if considered belonging to a dangerous breed.

Anyone who runs a shop, bar, restaurant, or anything else that is open to the public, may not admit dogs, and once he has informed the Mayor of this he is compelled by law to put up a notice at the entrance.

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