Beaches with access on a wheelchair and that have facilities for the disabled

Planning a holiday by the sea and finding solutions for a holiday that has access for the physically disabled isn't always easy, especially once you are actually at the beach.

Architectural barriers still exist in many beaches on the island, but fortunately not in all of them.

On the Island of Elba the beaches with access and facilities for the disabled are Naregno, Fetovaia and Procchio.

In Naregno, the beach that the Hotel Le Acacie has an agreement with has facilities specifically for the disabled. There is a footboard with beach wheelchairs (which makes it easier for the elderly and the disabled to get down to the beach and to the water), and there are also some deckchairs and sunbeds especially for them.

Another bathing establishment to keep in mind for a holiday by the sea is the Pino Solitario, in the enchanting beach in Fetovaia. Here there is a special sun umbrella for the disabled that is bigger than a normal one, and you will also find a beach wheelchair and wooden footboardto enable the disabled to get to the sun umbrellas and sun beds, showers and toilets near the car park that is 50 metres from the beach.

The two spaces reserved for the disabled aren't always available, so if they have already been taken go to the fee paying car park..

Another beautiful, sandy beach is Procchio. Since it is also very long, there is more than one way to get on to it: the best for the disabled are along the road from Procchio that takes you right to the beach, or, at the far end of the beach, in the area known as Campo all'Aia, you can drive right up to the beach.

If you want to get to any of the bathing establishments just walk along the wooden footboard that practically runs the full length of the beach, and takes you to the bars, restaurants and toilets.

At the bathing establishment with which the Perla del Golfo Hotel has an agreement there is a beach wheelchair available.

As well as these beaches we have mentioned that have access for the disabled, there are others that thanks to their position and conformation allow access even to people who need a wheelchair to get about.

For example, we suggest the long beach in Marina di Campo that is right at the sea front and is made up entirely of sand.

You can also get to the beach in Marciana Marina right from the sea front, but it isn't very big and is made up of tiny pebbles. At the public swimming pool in Marciana Marina there is a pool lift to enable the disabled to get in and out of the water.

On the same side of the island, but nearer Portoferraio, you can choose from the beaches of Biodola (but you have to park a little farther away), Schiopparello and Le Ghiaie that is right in Portoferraio. Although finding a place to park isn't always easy, the beach is right next to a road that separates it from the public park, the perfect place to go and sit in the shade when the sun is at its hottest.

On the southern side of Elba you're better off going to Lacona, that consists not only of fine sands dunes, but is also one of the few beaches where you can sit in the shade, thanks to the beautiful pine wood at the back.

Finally, on the eastern side of the island, one of the best beaches for the disabled is probably Cavo because it runs right alongside the seafront.

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