Beaches that are sheltered from the Ponente wind (West)

The Ponente wind (from the West) is very similar to the Libeccio one: it brings good weather because it blows all the clouds away. In spring and in autumn (when it is at its strongest), it can make surfing and windsurfing even more fun.

In summer, on the other hand, it is more like a gentle sea breeze.

Acquarilli Acquarilli is an enchanting beach, thanks to its black sand and shingle, and the steep cliffs around it.
Bagno Bagno is a small beach consisting of medium/large shingle, mostly grey and multicoloured.
Barbarossa Barbarossa is a sandy beach near Porto Azzurro, surrounded by a lush green bay, and is easy to get to by car.
Buzzancone A tiny, pristine beach from a natural and scenic point of view, perfect for going snorkelling.
Cala delle Alghe Wonderful bay with a breathtaking view and crystal clear water surrounded by beautiful rocks.
Cala Seregola Cala Seregola beach consists mainly of dark, mineral sand mixed with tiny stones, and is near the mines in Rio Marina.
Calanova Calanova beach is a tiny oasis surrounded by lush vegetation that grows right down as far as the beach.
Cavo The perfect beach if you want to relax by the sea. Various facilities to be found here, as well as a tourist port and refuelling for boats.
Cavoli Cavoli is a sandy beach, perfect for teenagers who want to have a good time and get a great sun tan.
Del Sasso Del Sasso beach used to be much longer and was a favourite place for getting together with friends and chatting
Direttore A tiny, rugged beach without any facilities, consisting of blackish sand rich in iron minerals that sparkles in the sun.
Ferrato Ferrato is the name of two small beaches on the eastern side of the Island of Elba separated one from the other by a line of rocks.
Fetovaia Famous Fetovaia, one of the most suggestive beaches on the island, consists of golden sand and smooth rocks.
Fornacelle Fornacelle beach consists of sand and iron dust that sparkles in the sun!
Galenzana Galenzana is a unique and extremely beautiful beach, with Mediterranean bush all around.
Istia Getting to Istia (or Istria) beach is not easy, but the peace and quiet you find here more than make up for the difficulty in getting there.
La Cala Set like a jewel in one of the most beautiful coastlines of the island with lush vegetation all around.
La Rossa La Rossa is inside the harbour in Porto Azzurro and looks out to one of the biggest inlets in the eastern side of the Island of Elba.
Laconella Laconella is an enchanting, fine grain sandy beach between the Punta della Contessa promontory and Capo Fonza.
Le Sprizze Dark shingle beach sheltered by a pine grove, on the road between Procchio and Marciana Marina.
Luisi d'Angelo Beautiful, tiny bay set along a green and peaceful coastline.
Malpasso Malpasso beach is in a rather rugged part of the coast, and very important from a naturalistic point of view.
Malpasso di Rio The beach consists of thousands of iron mineral lamellas and hematite micro crystals that shimmer in the sun.
Marciana Marina Small beach next to the town of Marciana Marina
Margidore Margidore is a very long, but quiet beach, easy to get to, even by the disabled. Bars, as well as canoe and surf rental on the beach.
Marina di Campo Marina di Campo is a long beach consisting of fine grain sand, right next to the town, and is perfect for children because the water is shallow till far out.
Naregno Naregno is a sandy beach between Porto Azzurro and Capoliveri, near many types of accommodation for tourists.
Ortano Ortano is one of the most popular beaches on this side of Elba and is perfect if you want to go snorkelling or swim out to the tiny island.
Punta Nera Two tiny beaches set like jewels in rocky cliffs north east of Monte Calamita.
Reale Reale, where you can still see traces of the mines, is a sandy beach near Porto Azzurro and not far from the small lake of Terranera.
Seccheto Pleasant and peaceful, coarse grain sands beach, surrounded by beautiful cliffs, Seccheto is perfect if you want peace and quiet.
Stagnone Two tiny beaches surrounded by low rocks that have created a kind of natural swimming pool, hence the name Stagnone.
Straccoligno Straccoligno is a beautiful, pristine, sandy beach with bars and restaurants, as well as many tourist facilities like windsurfing schools.
Terranera Terranera beach, consisting of sand mixed with hematite, which explains its dark colour, separates the sea from the lake bearing the same name.
Topinetti Truly beautiful beach, thanks to the contrast in colours between the dark, iron, mineral sand underneath, and the white medium sized stones on top.