Also called Cera beach

Buzzancone (or Cera) is a tiny beach in the valley on the north west side of the foot of Monte Calamita, and since it lies between two rocky promontories it is exposed to eastern winds only.

The beach is only about 50 metres long and about 18 at its widest. There is lush, Mediterannean bush behind it, so this means that some parts of the beach get some natural shade.

This tiny beach consists of sand mixed with fine shingle, while rocks below the surface of the water go down as 30 metres, so the seabed is perfect if you want to>strong>go snorkelling or deep sea diving.

Since Buzzancone is almost always deserted it is very quiet and there are no bathing facilities, so it is pristine from a natural and scenic point of view. It is very popular among yachtsmen.

How to get to Buzzancone beach

You can get to Buzzancone either by sea or along a pedestrians only path.Take the unsurfaced road from Straccoligno to Costa dei Gabbiani and follow the signs for Calanova. From now on the path is for pedestrians only, so walk until you reach the barrier at the start of the private property of the Costa dei Gabbiani tourist resort. Walk through and about 15 minutes farther along you will see the sign for Buzzancone, but be prepared for a steep walk down to get to the beach.

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Information and facilities

Recommended with the following winds South Wind, Sout-West Wind, West Wind
CompositionSand and shingles
Length55 m
FacilitiesNo facilities on beach
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Beach of Buzzancone