Small, white pebble beach, with access by sea only

It is a small beach about 100 metres long and from 2 to 10 metres wide, and is between Le Ghiaie beach and Padulella beach, with access by sea only. You can also get there on foot, starting at the nearby Le Ghiaie beach, about 80-100 metres away, but you'll have to wade through about 1 metre of water.

In a north, northwest position, it is completely sheltered from all winds, be they scirocco or from the west. Unfortunately, due to the numerous villas on the high promontory behind it, it is quite shady, and gets very little sun both in the morning and after about 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

Both the beach and the sea bed consist of very smooth white pebbles and white, coarse-grain sand, with some brownish rocks that make it even more characteristic.

Thanks to the sea bed, the sea is absolutelycrystal clear, and on a day when the Scirocco wind is blowing and the sea is calm, the beach is in no way inferior to any Caribbean one.

The incredible view goes from that of the splendid fortress in Portoferraio to the side of the island you see as you come into Portoferraio on the ferry, with Monte Grosso towering over it, and the tiny island opposite Portoferraio that completes the picture.

There are no facilities on the beach at all, but you will find them on the nearby Le Ghiaie beach.

As a safety measure in the area opposite the rocks between Cala dei Frati and Le Ghiaie a law has been brought out concerning new rules and regulations when out at sea, both on and below the surface of the water. Read the number of the law 191/2011 of the Commune of Portoferraio >

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Information and facilities

Recommended with the following winds Sirocco, South Wind, Sout-West Wind
Length100 m
FacilitiesNo facilities on beach
Nearby beaches Padulella (0,35 km), Le Ghiaie (0,38 km), Capo Bianco (0,47 km), Le Viste (0,93 km), Sottobomba (0,96 km), Seccione (1,82 km), Acquaviva (2,74 km), Sorgente (3,05 km), Schiopparello (3,19 km), Sansone (3,2 km), Viticcio (3,56 km), Bagnaia (3,67 km), Magazzini (3,75 km), Zupignano (4 km), Enfola (4,12 km), Le Secche (4,29 km), Scaglieri (4,31 km), Forno (4,33 km), Biodola (4,55 km), Nisporto (4,93 km)

Cala dei Frati

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Beach of Cala dei Frati